Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival

June 15th, 2015 No comments

First off I apologize for not being active with the blog.  That is all about to change.  I’ll be adding new reviews shortly, and also possibly redesigning the site.  I’m also looking for ideas of other things people want to see on my site.

I’ve decided to restart my blog again after I heard about the first ever Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival being held at Lincoln Financial Field on October 24, 2015.  Hearing about it made me realize how much I love cheesesteaks and how much I miss reviewing them for everyone.  It’s been over a year since my last review and I think it’s time that I added some new reviews, and even possibly revisit some old ones.

Click the link below for more details about the Cheesesteak Festival.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival

One Last Run? Try #2. I’m back!

June 15th, 2015 No comments

I know over a year ago I said I would coming back for a 2nd run, but I never got around to it.  However; I can promise you now that  I will be back reviewing cheesesteaks in the next month or so, so be on the lookout for new reviews.  I’m not sure where I’ll be reviewing, but other than the list from my last post I am looking for new ideas, so  let me know where you want me to review.  Thanks!

One Last Run?

February 14th, 2014 4 comments

Over the last year I’ve been struggling over what I should do about this blog.  For a while there I wanted to give it up for good but then I realized that I have a mission in life to spread the word about cheesesteaks.  Starting this Spring I will begin reviewing cheesesteaks once again.  My goal is to bring my total cheesesteak reviews up to 100.  What happens after that is up to you, the readers.  If you want/ask for more reviews you will get them.  If not then you won’t see any new reviews from me again.  I’ll keep the site up and running but that’s about all.

So now, I need some help from all of you.  I am looking for new places to review.  I have about 10 places that have already been requested, but after that I’m not too sure where else I should review.  So I need your feedback and ideas.

The first places I will be reviewing (in no particular order) are:

  1. Ted’s Place in Conshohocken
  2. Heritage Hoagies in  Huntington Park
  3. Hog Island Steaks in Phoenixville
  4. Ice House Steaks and Pizza in Pottstown
  5. Dakota Pizza in Wynnewood
  6. Pagano’s Steaks in Philadelphia
  7. Philip’s Steaks in Philadelphia
  8. Sonny’s Famous Steaks in Philadelphia
  9. Paradise Pizza in Lansdown
  10. John’s Village Market Deli in Wayne or Berwyn
  11. Marzella’s Pizza in Collegeville
  12. South Philly Steak and Fries in Pottstown

Be on the lookout for my new reviews in the coming weeks.  Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope to hear from some of you soon.


Philly Cheesesteak Shuffle Commercial

February 13th, 2014 No comments

I’m not too sure why, but this commercial really made me re-think shutting down this blog.  Once Spring hits, I am going to start reviewing cheesesteaks in full force again.  So like one of my last posts, I am looking for ideas on new places to review.



Cheesesteak Review #77: Frusco’s Steaks of Philadelphia

June 5th, 2012 No comments

1.5 out of 5 stars

Frusco Steaks on Urbanspoon

My next review took me back to Northeast Philadelphia.  This time around I had a cheesesteak from Frusco Steaks.  Frusco Steaks is located in the Tacony/Wissinoming area of the Northeast.  Like usual I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone cheese and fried onions  for this review.

Bread-The roll that was used for this cheesesteak was a Sarcone steak roll.  The bread was pretty tasty.  The inside tasted fresh but the outside of the roll was kind of hard making it tough to chew.  I’m not sure if this is a normal property of a Sarcone steak roll but if it is I’m not a fan of it.  The cheesesteak didn’t produce much grease so it’s hard to measure how well the roll would have absorbed it.

Cheese-The provolone cheese used in this cheesesteak was really tasty and there was a lot of it mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak.  The cheese was probably my favorite part of this cheesesteak.

Meat-It was really hard to gauge the quality of the meat.  For the most part it was ok.  It had a decent taste to it, but it wasn’t something that would “WOW” anyone.  The meat wasn’t cooked evenly as there were some over-cooked tough pieces of meat mixed in with some good tasting tender pieces.  The meat was cut up in to small pieces which was a plus and it was probably the best part of the meat.  I can’t really decide if I liked or disliked the meat because some bites tasted good while others were terrible.

Amount-The worst part of this cheesesteak was its size.  The Sarcone steak roll that was used in this cheesesteak was probably only about 8 inches long. Besides the small roll there was very little meat included in it.  The amount of fried onions included was average.  The amount of cheese included in this cheesesteak dwarfed all of the other parts of it.  Luckily I love cheese or else that could have ended up hurting the rating of this cheesesteak even more in the long run.

Fried Onions-The fried onions included in this cheesestak were only average.  They were all cooked evenly and too a nice soft texture.  They were mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak which is good.  The only bad part of the fried onions was that they were not cut up in to small pieces, instead they were long stringy pieces of onions.

I was hoping for good things from Frusco’s Steaks after reading some reviews online, however I was extremely disapointed with their cheesesteak.  There really isn’t anything else I have to say about it other than it was flat out terrible.  I definitely can’t recommend Frusco’s to anyone.  The best part of the Frusco’s experience for me was the outdoor seating that they have available.  They have limited indoor seating but outside they have about 5 or 6 tables setup with umbrellas that you can sit at.  I can imagine parking being a problem at Frusco’s during busy times of the day, but I am sure if you drive around the block a few times you will be able to catch someone leaving and take their spot.

Frusco Steaks on Urbanspoon