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Cheesesteak Review #25: Chubby’s Steaks of Roxborough

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4.0 out of 5 stars

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For my 25th review (yeah it’s hard to believe I am at 25 already!) I decided to venture back out to Roxborough to check out Chubby’s Steaks. I reviewed, their acorss the street competition, Dalessandro’s a while back so I figured it would be a good idea to review Chubby’s Steaks to be fair to both establishments. From what I have read online, locals typically live and die by one place and never step foot in the other, nor is there ever any mention of the other either in casual conversation. I guess that’s good for loyalty and all, but its really kind of silly considering the proximity of both restaurants. Like usual I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions. Without further adieu, below is my review of Chubby’s Steaks.

Bread-Pretty tasty.  It wasn’t to chewy, and it was pretty fresh.  It did a good job absorbing the grease from the meat so it wasn’t soggy at all.  It wasn’t the best bread I have had but it got the job done.

Cheese-Outstanding.  It was quite tasty.  It was melted throughout the sandwich but then there was also a ton melted on top.  In all I was thoroughly impressed.  They used a ton of cheese, and who doesn’t like cheese?  The amount and flavor of the provolone definitely played a huge role in the overall rating.

Meat-The meat was pretty average.  It was decent quality.  There wasn’t any gristle or fat on any pieces, but overall it tasted kind of bland.  It was cooked evenly throughout and there were no burnt pieces nor any undercooked pieces.

Amount-Definitely very filling.  It was a 12 inch roll, and from the picture below you can see that there was meat spread evenly throughout the whole roll, so that typically means that there is a lot of meat included.  Besides the amount of meat I was impressed with the amount of cheese as well.  They were pretty heavy on the onions too.  So in all this was a pretty filling cheesesteak.  By the last bite I was pretty full, but if it wasn’t for the order of cheese fries I also got I probably would not have been completely full.  For any normal person just the cheesesteak probably would have sufficed.

Fried Onions-They included a lot of fried onions, but as you can tell from below they were huge chunks of onion and were just placed on top of the sandwich.  Like the cheese I like the fried onions to be mixed throughout the sandwich, so unfortunately the friend onions were the only thing to actually hurt the overall rating I gave them.

Over all Chubby’s Steaks offers a really good cheeesteak.  The only things they can improve upon is dicing of onions, and adding some type of seasoning to their meat, even salt and pepper would be a huge plus.  Compared to Dalessandro’s they rate right up there, but overall I rated Dalessandro’s just a little bit higher.  I unfortunately do not remember specifics about Dalessandro’s but I know wrote the review for them within a few hours of eating the sandwich just like I did for Chubby’s.  So for this Roxborough showdown I will have to give the edge of Dalessandro’s.  Keep in mind however; that Chubby’s doesn’t fall to far behind them.  Maybe one day down the road I’ll do both in one day and write another review, and who knows, things may end up differently.  One thing that I do like more about Chubby’s is that they have a full bar as compared to Dalessandro’s which just offers beer.  If you want to go in to Chubby’s and order a shot or two of your favorite liquor as you are waiting for you order you have that option.  They also have a fairly large beer selection for both dining in and to-go.  In closing if you are on Henry Avenue in Roxborough and looking for a good cheesesteak you really can’t go wrong if you choose Chubby’s or Dalessandro’s.  So I leave the choice to you.  Afterwards, let me know what you chose and let me know if you thought, as I would be thrilled to know what you think.

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