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Cheesesteak Review #36: Philly Cheesesteaks and Wings of Collegeville

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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For my next review I ventured into the borough of Collegeville.  I haven’t reviewed any cheesesteaks from Collegeville yet, so I was really excited to finally try a place there. This review I tried a regular cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions from Philly Cheesesteaks and Wings.  I figured by the name alone it would probably be a decent cheesesteak to review.

Bread-The bread was really good.  It was pretty fresh considering I visited the place on a Sunday night.  They did something a little different than other places and they actually toasted the bun.  It wasn’t toasted that much that it was all completely crispy and crunchy, instead just the top parts were toasted.  They probably just split the bun and then put it on top of the cooker upside down for a few minutes.  This was different and I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I was wrong.  It actually added a lot to the cheesesteak.

Cheese-The only thing to hurt this cheesesteak was the cheese.  It was definitely lacking in this department, and the only cheese they put on was just placed on the bottom of the bun and then they threw the meat mixed with the onions on top of it.  This has been becoming a common trend amongst places I have been reviewing and it kind of disappoints me.  The taste of the cheese was OK, but if it was mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak with the meat and onions this cheesesteak would have received a perfect score.

Meat-The meat was my favorite part of the cheesesteak.  It was high quality meat with not fat or gristle and there was no grease at all.  It also had a pretty amazing taste.  It was seasoned with something that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I am OK with not knowing what it is because some things are better left unknown.  The meat was also diced up into smaller pieces and this is also something I am looking for in a good cheesesteak.

Amount-The amount of meat they included was pretty impressive.  The ten inch roll they used was stuffed with meat from end to end.  The amount of onions was pretty average which is good because you don’t want the overpowering taste of onions within the cheesesteak.  The cheese is the only ingredient that disappointed in the amount department.

Fried Onions-The fried onions were pretty average.  They weren’t anything special but they also didn’t suck.  I would like to say they were perfect but they could have been fried just a tad bit longer.  They were also mixed throughout the cheesesteak so this made me pretty happy.

In all the cheesesteak from Philly Cheesesteaks and Wings was pretty amazing.  With more and better placed cheese this would have been one of the best cheesesteaks I have reviewed since starting this blog almost a year ago.  So Kudos goes out to Philly Cheesesteaks and Wings for their almost perfect cheesesteak.  While I was there I also tried their wings which are apparently supposed to be outstanding.  I just ordered a 10 piece order of their hot flavor.  I was not too impressed.  The large wings came out fried and breaded and covered in sauce, but the sauce was not hot at all.  Next time I visit I will be definitely be trying another flavor of sauce.  They serve all of their wings fresh and they are never frozen unlike every other place out there, so this might be something that you should look into if you are in the Collegeville area.

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  1. February 22nd, 2011 at 14:20 | #1

    Good stuff…should’ve hit me up being that you were in my neck of the woods!
    Philly Food and Beer

  2. admin
    February 23rd, 2011 at 16:43 | #2

    Thank’s for checking out my blog. Let me know if you have any recommendations for other cheesesteaks around Collegeville.

    Also I frequent your blog and I am very impressed with your reviews. I have visited many of the places you have reviewed so far and you have been pretty spot on with everything.

    As always I am always looking for feedback and ideas for future reviews so just hit me up when you get the chance.

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