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Cheesesteak Review #37: Steak’em Up of Philadelphia

3.5 out of 5 stars

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The subject of my next review came about from seeing really annoying commercials on Comcast during Flyers and Sixers game.  This time around I tried Steak’em Up which is located in Philadelphia.  If you visit their website be sure to turn up/on your speakers and their commercial will begin playing automatically.  Their commercial is a combination of the old Budweiser “Wazzup” commercials and the Car’s “Shake It Up” song.  It’s really freaking horrible, but their advertising worked because it got me to want to eat their food.  As normal I tried a regular cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions just like my last 36 reviews.

Bread-It’s really hard to rate their bread because it was completely soaked with grease from the meat and I couldn’t really taste anything except for that.  It was literally soaked from end to end and side to side and it wasn’t even able to be picked up with your hands or else they would get really messy.  So instead I had to hold it in the paper they wrapped it in while eating it.  Right off the bat after I unwrapped the cheesesteak  I knew this was going to be a really sloppy and difficult sandwich to eat.

Cheese-The cheese was pretty good, and there was a ton of it included and mixed throughout the entire sandwich.  I really don’t have any complaints about the cheese, nor do I have anything great to say about it.  More or less it was average.

Meat-The meat was really tasty and it was seasoned pretty evenly with salt and pepper.  It was diced up in to small pieces and it was cooked evenly throughout as I didn’t have to worry about any undercooked or burnt pieces.  I didn’t struggle with any fat or gristle but it was the greasiest meat I have ever eaten.  I think the juices from the meat mixed in too much with the melted cheese and that’s the reason for the completely soaked bun I discussed earlier.

Amount-The overall amount of all the ingredients played a huge part in the high rating I gave to this cheesesteak.  The bun was stuffed with meat and cheese and there was just the right amount of onions.  The roll itself was your typical ten inch roll so there is nothing special with that.  I think the roll being stuffed with a ton meat also impacted the overall sloppiness of this cheesesteak.

Fried Onions-The fried onions were perfect.  There was the right amount and they were fried to a nice crispiness.  They were also mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak which is something I am always looking for.  The fried onions didn’t really have a positive or negative impact on this cheesesteak

As a whole the cheesesteak from Steak’em Up was pretty damn good.  The only downside was the grease soaked bun.  It not only took away the flavor of the bread but it also made it the most messy cheesesteak I have ever eaten.  I typically don’t have an issue with a sloppy sandwich if its good so I didn’t let that impact my overall rating of this cheesesteak too much.  Steak’em Up has a pretty extensive menu.  They have everything from pizza’s to cheesesteaks to milkshakes.  If I lived in Philadelphia I would definitely go back to try something else from their menu but there a still a ton of other cheesesteaks I want to review before I die so I will stick with eating them and trying new ones every couple of days at different establishments.  So if you are OK with eating a sloppy sandwich and you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty I definitely recommend Steak’em Up.

Steak 'Em Up on Urbanspoon

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