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Cheesesteak Review #46: Silvio’s Deli of Hatboro

4.0 out of 5 stars

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For my next review I visited the small town of Hatboro.  Before this trip I had no idea where the town was even located.  After driving through the area I can see why I haven’t been there before.  Its a small town  and it doesn’t look like there is much to do there.  Because of this I was surprised when I read about then visited Silvio’s Deli and Bakery.  Silvio’s is your typical small town Italian deli and bakery which makes different types of sandwiches, different varieties of bread and  the even offer tomato pie.  The one thing that sets apart Silvio’s Deli apart from most other places is that they bake their bread on site and the rolls they use in their sandwiches are typically right out of the over.  Yum.  As usual I tried a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions.

Bread-Of course you can imagine from what I just mentioned that the bread was outstanding.  It was probably the best bread I have ever eaten, but that’s probably because of the extreme freshness.  The roll as I was eating it was still even a little bit warm from being just removed from the oven.  I can’t say enough about their bread, and I definitely recommend stopping by this place if you are in the Hatboro area and picking up some of their bread.  The one thing that was a little weird about the bread is that parts of it tasted a little too doughy.  I am not used to really fresh bread so who knows this might be normal.  Either way it’s something that I am willing to live with.  the thickness of the bread also did a great job of absorbing some of the grease from the meat which I will get to in a little.

Cheese-The one part of this cheesesteak that needed the most improvement was the cheese.  The cheeses they included was just melted on the bottom of the bun as compared to being melted through the entire sandwich.  Other than this they should have included a little more cheese.

Meat-The meat was pretty good.  It had a good taste to it and it was also very tender.  It was diced up in to small pieces which is a major plus.  The one thing about the meat that I didn’t like was its quality.  There was definitely a lot of grease generated from it, but the thick homemade roll did an amazing job of absorbing it.  As I was eating it I could see rings of grease on the roll where the meat was placed.  The ring was probably a few centimeters thick so the meat was definitely too greasy.  The only other point worth mentioning about the meat was that they did a pretty good job cooking it.  It was cooked evenly to a perfect tenderness so I didn’t have to worry about any burnt or undercooked pieces.

Amount-The amount was only average.  The roll was around a foot long and it was pretty thick so the bread was very filling.  There was also a fair amount of meat packed in the roll.  The amount of fried onions included was pretty average as well.  The only thing that could have made this cheesesteak a little better would have been the inclusion of more cheese.

Fried Onions-The fried onions included in these cheesesteak were a little different than most places.  They decided to use really thin, long cut pieces of onions.  They were fried pretty well and had a nice crispy texture to them.  They were also mixed throughout the cheesesteak so I can’t really complain about the onions much.

Silvio’s Deli makes a pretty good cheesesteak.  With a little more cheese and less greasy meat they would have received a much higher score.  Even without the changes, I recommend trying this cheesesteak if in the Hatboro area.  I don’t know what else they offer on their menu that’s good but I’d imagine its similar to most other deli’s.  One thing to be aware of if visiting this place is that the parking is horrible.  They have a small lot and its pretty hard to maneuver though if there are any larger trucks or SUV’s in it.  You might be better off parking in the Wawa lot across the street from it and then walking there.

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