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Cheesesteak Review #55: Sessano Cafe & Deli of Norristown

3.5 out of 5 stars

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For my 55th review I ordered my typical choice of a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions from a deli located in Norristown, the county seat of Montgomery County.  This time I visited a place, that’s not necessarily known for cheesesteaks, but I was craving a cheesesteak one day at lunch and I decided to order one aynway.  The location I am referring to is Sessano Cafe & Deli.  Typically they are known for their award winning roast pork sandwiches and their Sessano Special which has prosciutto, salami, capicolla, provolone, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted peppers, and basil.  A co-worker of mine tried the pork sandwich earlier in the week and he said that it was amazing, so I can’t wait to go back to Sessano Cafe & Deli and give that a try as well.

Bread-The roll that was used was much different than most places.  It wasn’t your typical hoagie roll as it was a little bit wider than normal.  It also wasn’t the same length.  If I had to guess this roll may have only been around 8 inches long.  Even so it was pretty tasty.  It was fresh and it have a nice rich taste to it.  It wasn’t too soft, nor was it to hard.  It absorbed about 95% of the grease produced from the meat which is impressive as well.  From reading some other reviews online someone mentioned that they think it may have been a zep roll from the Conshohocken Bakery, which after comparing it to an image on their website I think the person who mentioned it on Yelp is 100% correct.

Cheese-The cheese was only average.  It was mixed throughout the entire sandwich which is a big plus, but there wasn’t much of a provolone taste to it.  Maybe with another slice or two of provolone included it would have been a little better and I may have been able to taste the cheese.

Meat-The meat is what made this cheesesteak.  It was really good.  It was seasoned perfectly, and cooked to perfection.  There was more grease produced from it that I am used to, which is a sign that the quality of the meat wasn’t the best, however the roll they used did an amazing job absorbing almost all of it.  The only complaints I have about the meat was that there were a few pieces, not many, that were over cooked, and also the meat was not cut up evenly in to smaller pieces like I am used too.

Amount-Even though the roll was shorter than most other cheesesteaks I have eaten so far, this cheesesteak was pretty filling. It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture below, but there was a ton of meat included.  There was the perfect amount of fried onions, but they should have included a little more cheese and if they did I would be able to rate their cheesesteak a little higher.

Fried Onions-The fried onions were only average.  They were mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak, which is a plus and they were cooked to a pretty moderate texture.  The onions weren’t raw nor where they fried to the crispiness I have become accustom too.

With a little more, better tasting cheese I would have come close to giving Sessano Cafe & Deli a perfect rating.  When I go back I probably won’t try another cheesesteak.  I am more interested in their pork sandwich at this point.  It’s not that their cheesesteak wasn’t good, it’s just that you can find the same quality cheesesteak at many different places within Norristown.  What I am trying to say is that their cheesesteak is only average compared to the many other places I have reviewed so far.  Sessano Cafe & Deli is your typical Italian Deli so their menu is packed full of a variety of different sandwiches, so there is no doubt in my mind that you can find something else from there that you might like if you aren’t in the mood for a cheesesteak.  Personally I would say stick with the roast pork sandwich, since it must be amazing if it has won all of the awards they have mentioned on their website.

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