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Cheesesteak Review #56: Michael’s Deli of King of Prussia

3.0 out of 5 stars

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My next cheesesteak review kept me somewhat local to the Bridgeport area.  For this review I just hopped on 202 South and headed towards King Of Prussia.  The subject of my next review is tucked away within the Valley Forge Shopping Center.  I am referring to Michael’s Jewish Delicatessen and Restaurant.  For the rest of my review however I am going to refer to them just as Michael’s Deli.  If you are trying to find the place the easiest thing to do is look for their delivery and catering automobiles which are sitting in the parking lot right next to 202 with have their colorful logo plastered all of them.  As usual I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions.

Bread-The roll was kind of weird.  It was  really soft and flaky and it began to fall a part as I was eating the sandwich.  It was kind of hard not to crush the bread either as I was eating it because of its softness.  It was definitely fresh but it had too much of a doughy taste to it.  The bread however did a decent job of absorbing the little bit of grease that the meat produced.

Cheese-The cheese was amazing.  It was very flavorful and they included a decent amount of it.  It wasn’t mixed to well throughout the entire sandwich which is my one complaint about the cheese.  75% of the cheese was located on the bottom of the roll.

Meat-The meat was the best part of this cheesesteak.  It was really tender and it tasted amazing.  It had good salt and pepper seasoning applied to it.  It was diced up in to tiny pieces which is a huge plus.  As far as the quality of the meat goes I don’t have any many complaints.  There was no fat or gristle, and it was cooked to the perfect temperature as there were not any burnt or under cooked pieces.  The only complaint is that there was a little too much grease produced from the meat.  This wasn’t a huge deal since the roll did a good job of absorbing it.

Amount-The amount of the ingredients included in this cheesesteak is what really hurt the overall rating of this cheesesteak.  The bread was your normal 10 inch roll, and they did include more cheese than most places.  However; there was barely any meat included.  Nor did they include many fried onions.  It’s a shame because everything they included with the cheesesteak was really good, but because they didn’t include much meat it’s really hard to give them a high score.

Fried Onions-The fried onions were only average.  They were fried to my liking which is a nice brown color and a crispy texture.  They were mixed throughout the entire sandwich as well.  My only problem with them I already mentioned above and that was that they didn’t include very many of them in the cheesesteak.

Michael’s Deli only serves a mediocre cheesesteak.  So if you are in the King of Prussia area and looking for a good cheesesteak I would not recommend them.  I guess if you aren’t too hungry and craving a cheesesteak you may enjoy theirs since it was tasty all-around, but if you are really hungry I would say pass on them for a cheesesteak.  However they have a large and extensive menu with a wide variety of different  items which I am sure anyone would be able to find something that they like on it.  I’ve heard their Reubens and pastrami sandwiches are amazing so maybe try one of those if you typically enjoy either of them.  One other attractive aspect of Michael’s Deli is that they have a huge selection of takeout beer that includes beer from all over the world.  Even though some of it is a little pricey, its really difficult to find rare beers around the Montgomery County area.

Michael's Jewish Delicatessen & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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