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Cheesesteak Review #57: Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks of Brookhaven

4.0 out of 5 stars

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The next cheesesteak review I am recording is for a chain of cheesesteak restaurants located around the Philadelphia area called Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks.  No I did not mistype the name.  They do not include the “h” in With or Without.  Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks has three different locations.  They are: Red Lion, Northeast Philly, and Brookhaven.  This review is for the Brookhaven location which is located only a mile or two away from Chester, Pennsylvania.  As usual I tried a cheesesteak with Provolone and fried onions.

Bread-The bread was pretty amazing.  It was really fresh and had a great taste to it.  The meat itself was pretty greasy and the bread absorbed 99% of it.  This is a good sign of high quality bread.  Unlike most places the roll they used did not have a very doughy taste to it which sometimes that can make the bread gross.  The roll did have more of a more industrial taste to it but it was pretty good either way.

Cheese-The cheese was also pretty outstanding.  There was a ton of it included and it was more or less mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak except for one huge glob that was located at one of the ends.  The provolone they used was really tasty.  Their website claims they use 2 ounces of cheese which is a lot considering they advertise to only use 6.5 ounces of meat.  So much like the bread I have no complaints about the cheese either.

Meat-Their standard is using large cut pieces of steak, which my loyal readers know I can not stand.  They do offer a chopped meat version of their cheesesteak and I took them up on that offer.  The meat they used was pretty bland tasting.  I ended up having to add a little salt and pepper to it as I was eating it.  Other than that the quality of the meat wasn’t the greatest.    There wasn’t any fat or gristle on it, but it was very greasy.  Besides that, the meat wasn’t cooked evenly either as there were a few burnt pieces included in the sandwich.

Amount-The amount was pretty standard.  The roll they used however is only 9 inches which is a little shorter than most other places.  There was a ton of cheese included, and as I mentioned earlier their site claims they use 2 ounces cheese.  The amount of meat they included was pretty proportional to the size of the roll they used.  The 9 inch roll should have been stuffed with 6.5 ounces of meat according to their website.  Lastly the amount of fried onions was prefect compared to the rest of the ingredients.

Fried Onions-Their fried onions were above average as well.  There was a decent amount of them mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak.  They were also grilled to a nice caramel color and they were cooked to a perfect crispy texture.  Their website mentions something about them using diamond cut pieces which “ensures equal distribution without runaway onion strings.”  I really don’t see an advantage to this but who knows.  It may be something I look more closely at in the future.

The cheesesteak from Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks located in Brookhaven was pretty outstanding except for the meat they used.  The bland tasting meat and burnt pieces could easily have been prevented.  The grease issue would probably be difficult to circumvent unless they used different brand/type of meat.  Either way I do recommend the cheesesteak from Wit or Witout Cheesesteaks if you happen to stumble across one of their locations.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  They do not offer a huge menu, so besides cheesesteak sandwiches, a cheesesteak hoagie, a pizza steak and fries they don’t offer anything else.  So you better be in the mood for a cheesesteak if you visit a Wit or Witout Cheesesteak because that is all you are going to get once you walk inside of one.

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  1. Nicole DiZio
    July 5th, 2011 at 16:33 | #1

    Thank you for your review. We do appreciate all feedback negative and positive and strive to make the best cheesesteak out there. Though our signature sandwich is served with flat steak chopping it only downgrades the sandwich a lot. Most restaurants that served chopped steak are hiding the poor quality in meat. We do serve higher than average quality of meat – in fact it’s not far from filet mignon in fact. No lie. Perhaps the bland taste comes from the leaness of the steak since the fat is what adds the most flavor – but hopefully you order your steak not plain and you will get the more flavor with the cheeses. We do offer Chicken Fingers as well, to satisfy the children visiting with their parents. Thanks again for your review.

  2. admin
    July 6th, 2011 at 08:32 | #2

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I thoroughly did enjoy the cheesesteak. It was one of the better ones that I have had in the last few months. I’ll definitely stop by again and try the non chopped steak next time I am in the area which is pretty frequently for Philly Union games. I’ll write a follow-up after then. Thanks.

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