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Cheesesteak Review #61: Leo’s Steaks of Folcroft

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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Being that this is my 61st cheesesteak review I am starting to run out of ideas and new places to review.  So every day I am doing research in to different places to try.  The research I have done led me to my next review.  For this review I tried a cheesesteak from Leo’s Steaks, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I hadn’t heard of the place before.  Leo’s is located in Folcroft, which is located in Delaware County.  From the research I did Leo’s received more positive reviews than negatives, which is why I wanted to give them a fair shot.  As normal I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone cheese and fried onions.

Bread-The bread was good.  It was definitely fresh.  I don’t know what bakery brand it was, but it was your typical Italian roll, that was about 12 inches long.  The roll was kind of thick and chewy which I didn’t like at first but after few bites in to the cheesesteak I was pretty happy that it was.  The roll needed to be a little thicker so that it could successfully hold of the cheesesteaks’ components.  There wasn’t much grease to absorb from the meat but what was present was absorbed completely by the bread as well.

Cheese-There was a ton of cheese included in the sandwich which was melted throughout the entire cheesesteak.  I don’t have any complaints about the cheese in this cheesesteak as it was pretty tasty as well.

Meat-The meat was amazing.  It was extremely tasty.  I don’t know what seasonings they used on it, but it was definitely ranked in the top 5 of best tasting meat I have had since starting this blog.  The meat was diced up in to tiny pieces.  It reminded me of ground beef as compared to meat that was just diced up.  There wasn’t any fat or gristle in the meat which is a huge plus as well, which means the meat they used was great quality meat.  The meat was also cooked evenly.   I am sure that this was extremely easy to do because of the finely chopped meat as it would of been easy to see when the meat was getting done.

Amount-The amount definitely impressed me.  There was a ton of meat in this cheesesteak.  The roll was also 12 inches as compared to most other places that are 10 inches.  From the picture below you can see how large the cheesesteak actually was and how it was packed from end to end.  There was a proportional amount of cheese and onions mixed throughout the entire cheesesteak as well.  For once I had a tough time finishing a cheesesteak.

Fried Onions-The only real complaint I had about this cheesesteak was with the fried onions.  What was included was mixed pretty evenly throughout the entire sandwich.  The problem with the fried onions was with the length of time they were cooked.  Some of the onions were close to being raw.  Not all of them were like this, but there was enough of them to make it noticeable.

The cheesesteak from Leo’s Steaks was pretty outstanding.  It was almost perfect.  If the onions were fried just a little bit longer I would have given Leo’s Steaks a perfect score.  Even though I didn’t give them a perfect score I was really impressed with their cheesesteak and I would recommend it to anyone who is ever around the Folcroft area.  The cheesesteak I had was just their standard sized cheesesteak, but they also offer an 18 inch cheesesteak, which from what I have read, is pretty enormous.  I can only imagine how much meat is included with the large sandwich considering the normal sized cheesesteak probably contained a pound of meat.  Leo’s doesn’t offer any inside seating, as the inside is pretty small and can fill up pretty quickly, but they do offer a few picnic tables outside which patrons can use to enjoy their sandwiches.  Besides cheesesteaks, Leo’s is your basic hoagie shop.  They don’t have a very large menu but if I had to guess everything is probably made as good, if not better than their cheesesteak because it was pretty easy to tell that the people working there care about what they are doing and truly want to offer people the best possible sandwich.

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