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Cheesesteak Review #64: Pepper Mill of West Chester

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4.0 out of 5 stars

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The next cheesesteak I am about to review has won multiple awards from the Philadelphia Magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily Local for the Best Cheesesteak in Chester County.  The cheesesteak I am referring to is from Pepper Mill located in West Chester.  So needless to say I was really excited to try the cheesesteak because of all of the awards and accolades it has won.  I also had really high expectation for the cheesesteak from Pepper Mill because people all over the Internet claim that they have the best cheesesteak around the Philadelphia area.  As usual I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone and fried onions.

Bread-I’m not too sure what type of bread they used but it was really good.  It was nice and fresh and had a good doughy taste to it.  It wasn’t too soft nor was it tough.  It did an excellent job housing the meat.  The roll also did a decent job of absorbing the small amount of grease produced from the meat.

Cheese-They didn’t include that much cheese so it was hard to taste.  What was there was just average tasting.  It was melted throughout the entire cheesesteak which is good, but they definitely needed a little more cheese.

Meat-The meat was excellent.  It had a really good taste to it and it was diced up in to small pieces.  It seemed like pretty high quality meat as there wasn’t much grease produced from it.  It also didn’t contain any fat or gristle.  For the most part the meat was all evenly cooked.  There was one or two burnt pieces, but I am willing to overlook that because this was some of the best tasting meat I have had since starting this blog.

Amount-The roll was 12 inches and there was a decent amount of meat included in it.  It wasn’t the biggest cheesesteak I have had but it was pretty filling.  The amount of cheese was a major problem though.  It was almost like I was just eating a plain steak sandwich.  The same goes for the fried onions.  There were barely any fried onions included.  The cheesesteak paired with an order of cheese fries really filled me up.

Fried Onions-The fried onions included needed to be cooked just a little bit longer.   Some were close to being raw.  There was probably a 70/30 mix of fried onions to raw onions.  It’s almost like someone realized they didn’t have enough onions on the grill when they went to put together the cheesesteak so they threw a few more on and only let them cook for a few seconds and then just mixed throughout the cheesesteak.

The cheesesteak from Pepper Mill was really good.  The meat and the bread were outstanding.  However the lack of cheese and the under cooked fried onions really hurt my overall rating of this cheesesteak.  Still the cheesesteak was better than most, but I find it hard to believe that the cheesesteak from Pepper Mill is the best cheesesteak in Delaware Country.  I would definitely recommend the cheesesteak if you find yourself in West Chester.  Pepper Mill itself has a decent amount of  inside seating and a fairly large parking lot.  I stopped by around lunch and the place was packed, which typically means the place must produce high quality food.  I hope to go back on day and try a few other things from their large menu.  The only other downside to Pepper Mill is that they only take cash and they don’t have an ATM inside the establishment.  However; if you walk through the parking lot a few yards away there is a Wawa which has an ATM.

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  1. September 26th, 2011 at 08:47 | #1

    Glad you finally got to try the Pepper Mill! The steak sammich is so go, I have been there a dozen times and never ordered anything else. The pizza is forgettable (it’s near my office and someone brought in a few pies once). Most of my visits, I went with a colleague who always asks for “extra fried onions” on his steak. This prompts me to tell the waitress “same order, except I want more onions than him.” Most places are happy to accommodate requests like that, and you can get the exact meal you are craving. Over at Pizza Quixote, I mention the Pepper Mill and some other sandwich joints (coming soon, a review of John’s Roast Pork).

  2. November 25th, 2012 at 18:36 | #2

    Make them where you want and call them what you want. Direct From Philly in Deerfield Beach Florida in Deerfield Field Beach, FL makes absolutely the worlds best cheesesteak. The meat is unbeatable. They use Amoroso bread. Their mushrooms are fresh grilled. They skimp on nothing There isn’t a better cheesesteak not even in Philly. Bar none, this is the best……

  3. February 19th, 2016 at 15:58 | #3

    I am surprised that the review mention there was not as much cheese as should When I lived up the street from Pepper Mill it was fabulous. The best grinders, cheese steaks, and milkshakes/malts I have EVER had. They did not swim in grease and everything was 5.0.
    I live many, many miles away and really miss The Pepper Mill.

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