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Cheesesteak Review #76: Steak Master of Philadelphia

4.5 out of 5 stars

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First off I apologize for the lack of updates for the past few months.  For some time I just didn’t feel like eating any  more cheesesteaks, but that has since changed.  I finally gave in to the urge of wanting a cheesesteak and I’m glad I did.  For this review I drove to the Juniata section of Northeast Philly and visited an establishment called Steak Master.  Considering the place was called Steak Master I was expecting a really amazing cheesesteak.  As usual I ordered a cheesesteak with provolone cheese and fried onions.

Bread-The bread they used for this cheesesteak seemed like a Conshy roll on the outside but on the inside it has a slightly different taste than what I was expecting.  I’m not too sure if this difference in flavor came as a result of not having a Conshy Bakery roll for a while or what but either way  it tasted amazing.  The roll was very fresh and had a nice soft texture to it but it wasn’t too chewy which is a good thing.  The roll also had a nice doughy taste to it.  All of the ingredients fit nicely into the roll and because of the quality of the meat there wasn’t much grease that needed to get absorbed by the roll, but what was there was absorbed nicely which lead to a very clean cheesesteak eating experience.

Cheese-There wasn’t anything outstanding about the cheese nor was there anything terrible about it.  The cheese tasted just like any other provolone I have had in the past.  I guess the good thing was that the cheese was melted throughout the entire sandwich which is a huge plus.

Meat-The meat was my favorite part of this cheesesteak.  It seemed like top of the line sirloin.  It was seasoned perfectly and in all it tasted amazing.  The meat was extremely tender and it feel apart in my mouth as I was eating it.  The meat was also cooked evenly throughout.  There were no burnt piece nor any under-cooked pieces.  The meat produced little to no grease which is a good sign of high quality meat.  I don’t really no what else to say about the meat other than it was some of the best tasting meat I have had in the few years I have this blog.  The only minor complaint I have is that the meat wasn’t chopped in to small pieces like I am used too, however I won’t let that impact my overall rating of this cheesesteak.  Don’t get me the wrong, the pieces were small but just not as small as I am used too.

Amount-The size of this cheesesteak was just average.  The roll used was your standard 10 inch roll and it was filled with an average amount of meat.  The amount of cheeses and fried onion included was also pretty average.  If you get an order of fries with this cheesesteak you will be fine and won’t leave hungry, but if you just order a cheesesteak that may be a different story.  The size of this cheesesteak was nothing to write home about, but for most normal people I am sure that it would be enough to fill them.

Fried Onions-Just like the cheese the fried onions were only average.  They were all grilled to a nice soft and crispy texture and they were cut up in to nice small pieces.  The onions were also mixed throughout the entire sandwich which is something that is needed in order for me to give a cheesesteak a high rating.

The cheesesteak from Steak Master was pretty good.  The cheese, onions, and amount of ingredients included were all average but the amazing tasting meat made up for all of that.  This could have been a perfect cheesesteak with a little more meat, cheese and onions.  I’m not really surprised by the high rating I gave this cheesesteak as it did come from a place called Steak Master.  I had high expectations going in to eating this cheesesteak and I was not let down.  I definitely recommend the cheesesteak from Steak Master.  So if you are in the Juniata area of North East Philadelphia I recommend stopping by Steak Master and grabbing a cheesesteak or two.  They have counter seating inside for about 8-10 people and a few tables set up outside that you can eat at.  It’s by no means a large place, but I think most people probably get their orders to go.  T parking around Steak Master is all street parking but I went during lunchtime and I had no issues finding a place to park so I can’t imagine parking ever being an issue.

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